Artborn is the story about a young woman named Commisan, who lives in the art-centric country of Artica. She wants to become a great traditional artist someday and help others around her! However before she can do that, Commisan has to face the everyday problems and challenges of being with her best and only friend, Bandara. With the help of omnipotent and goofy Animator, Commisan and Bandara will embark together on a grand journey that will shape the rest of their lives, for better or worse.

Wild beasts, some suggestive ruffians, and other questionable technological marvels are no strangers to the story. But this won’t bother Commisan and Bandara too much… because just like art, things can always be more complicated

This story is written and illustrated to be lighthearted and enjoyed by all audiences, young or old. However there maybe occasionally darker or more mature themes explored as well.

Hino is currently a psychology undergraduate at the University of North Florida. Because of this, there maybe times when I am unable to update the comic, but I will continue to do my best to finish the story.